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#SocialParenting: Preschool Learning Project about Careers

#SocialParenting: Preschool Learning Project about Careers

Teachers in a classroom at Bright Horizons at Kemper Lakes (Lake Zurich, IL) started the year off by asking each student what he or she wanted to be when they grew up. Since then, the class has structured an entire unit on future careers. Each day, part of the preschool learning curriculum is focused on one of the children’s dream careers!

The students watch videos, role play, observe pictures, read books, dress up and more. On ballerina day, the children wore tutus to school and learned ballet dancing during their Movement Matters class. On superhero day, the children wore superhero costumes to school and pretended to fly around the classroom. The class started a unit on health and safety, learning all about what nurses, doctors, surgeons and paramedics do. Each child has had an opportunity to learn about his or her dream career. The teachers are now beginning to schedule classroom visits so parents and members of the community can come in and answer questions the children have about what they do for work. For the remainder of the year, the teachers will continue to incorporate the kids’ career choices into their daily lessons and help the children learn more about their future goals.

Bright Horizons at Kemper Lakes Classroom of the Week

Bright Horizons at Kemper Lakes was recently a featured Bright Horizons National Classroom of the Week on Facebook. To learn more about Bright Horizons at Kemper Lakes, please visit their center website or follow them on Facebook.

How We Learn: The Story of Bright Horizons Preschool

Bright Horizons curriculum e-bookWant to see more photos from this project at Bright Horizons at Kemper Lakes? We’ve compiled a dynamic e-book about Bright Horizons’ approach to education in the classroom featuring this classroom learning activity. Check out this e-book today to learn more about how children’s interests can be used to generate excitement in the classroom.

What does your child want to be when they grow up? How will they make the world a better place? Share your answers and photographs with us on social media by using #BrightHorizons.


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