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#SocialParenting: “Staycation” Summer Activity Ideas for Families

#SocialParenting: “Staycation” Summer Activity Ideas for Families

“With so much going on in our lives lately, an actual trip just wasn’t in the cards for our family vacation this summer. But, my wife and I still want to plan some fun outings or activities for the kids…sort of like a “staycation”. We have a toddler and a kindergartner. Would love some ideas for staycation summer activities for kids if anyone has some to share…” – Timmy MacDonald, Bright Horizons Online Community

You don’t need to take a glamorous vacation abroad to enjoy the summer months as a family. There are so many ways to have some fun during the summer, right from the comfort of your own backyard (literally and figuratively!). We asked some of the Family Room bloggers to share their go-to summer activities for kids and families. These ideas are sure to make any summer day, long weekend or “staycation” a blast for the whole family.

Summer outdoor activity for kids

Family-Friendly Summer “Staycation” Activities

Amy, Nourish Mom: We’re lucky to live within driving distance of the mountains, the ocean, and a large city so there are plenty of opportunities to have fun “staycations” and adventures. Our favorite summer activities are to hike as a family, go on nature walks, go to “pick your own” farms, head out for beach days, or just run around in the backyard sprinklers. Or we head over to my brother’s pool because it’s also fun to get together with family and friends in the summer.

Media Mom: We try every year to take at least one weekend in the summer to visit our own home city of Boston like tourist. In years past we’ve done Duck Tours, trolley tours, various museums, Faneuil Hall, etc. This year we went to see Red Sox minor league affiliate Lowell Spinners play at Fenway. After the special game they played Field of Dreams on the field. And the tickets were only $15 right behind home plate! I’m sure many other cities have similar events.

Boy swimming in a poolMary, Organized Mom: My kids love to swim so we have a large rectangular pool that I can easily inflate (using a vacuum on reverse). On days or even nights where we don’t have anything else going on, I’ll inflate the pool and they happily play for hours in the water.

Lisa: Slip and slide, water balloons, bubbles, and lots of ice cream!

Ruth: Check your community calendar for cultural celebrations in your community. Recently we went to a Mariachi Festival. Lots of music and dancing. The performers were dressed in traditional clothing and the vendors sold traditional Mexican food.

Jessie: Here’s a fun idea that you can do at home: Pretend the backyard is a zoo and place animals (stuffed animals or toys) around the yard. Provide a net for the child to hold so they can “catch” an animal.


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