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#SocialParenting: Tips for Avoiding the Battle Over Children’s Clothes

#SocialParenting: Tips for Avoiding the Battle Over Children’s Clothes

The morning routine can be tough – especially when battles over clothing choices come into play. Does your morning often begin with your toddler insisting on wearing a tutu or superhero cape to school? Or does your preschooler insist that blue polka dot socks go with her pink flower dress? If you find yourself engaged in regular debates over your children’s clothing choices, the latest issue of e-family news might be very handy for you! Fashion Wars: Avoiding Power Struggles Over Kids’ Clothes offers tips and strategies for avoiding the daily battle over outfit choices.

The video below explains just a few of these strategies for getting kids dressed in the morning. For more ideas about avoiding a parent-child battle over clothes, be sure to check out e-family news.

3 Tips for Getting Your Child Dressed in the Morning

Do you have other tips to add that have worked in your house? Join the conversation! Comment below or share your ideas with other parents in the Bright Horizons Online Community.


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