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#SocialParenting: Week of the Young Child Celebrations at Bright Horizons

#SocialParenting: Week of the Young Child Celebrations at Bright Horizons

While parents and teachers cherish our children year round, this past week was the official The National Association for the Education of Young Children Week of the Young Child (WOTYC)! This year, each day of WOTYC had a special theme and centers across the country enjoyed participating in fun, celebratory events. Many of these happenings have been featured across the Bright Horizons social media channels. Below are a just a few examples of the fun we’ve been having this year for WOTYC.

Week of the Young Child Celebrations at Bright Horizons

Music Monday

Infant students at Bright Horizons in Wellesley, MA were all very excited to participate in a music activity with their teachers! Music is something that is incorporated daily in the classroom through singing, musical games or playing instruments. Teachers modeled how to use the instruments and the children were very quick to mimic them and make sounds of their own. While playing music, teachers sing songs for them in both English and Spanish. Watch as the children dance and play along:

Taco Tuesday

This fun, food-themed day was more than just cheese and salsa! Students at The Children’s Center at Taco Bell (Irvine, CA) enjoyed making their own healthy tacos from scratch:

Children making tacos

Work Together Wednesday

The children at Bright Horizons in Bellevue, WA enjoy looking outside to identify different workers and trucks, as well as see all of the construction progress that’s happening in their own backyard! However, the fence bordering the construction site across from their center was a bit plain, so the children wanted to take action. They decided to work together to create a mural based off of the work of Eric Carle:

Children creating a mural

Artsy Thursday

Bright Horizons classrooms celebrate the joy and learning children experience when engaged in creative art-making every day! When children are engaged and focused on making crafts, they learn to take initiative, make choices, and develop cognitive and physical skills, while also increasing confidence, competence, independence, and a personal sense of aesthetics. Here are some tips for making arts and crafts a fun family affair.

Children making arts and crafts

Family Friday

Families from Bright Horizons in Boxborough, MA recently joined together at The Discovery Museums in Acton, MA for a fun night full of STEM exploration for all ages. Dinner was served and both the Children’s Museum and Science Discovery Museum opened their doors for the children to engage in a variety of activities. Children, siblings, parents, teachers and friends had an amazing time exploring and learning together:

Children's museum field tripHow have you been celebrating Week of the Young Child? What makes your child or students special?


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