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#SocialParenting: What Does Dad Really Want for Father’s Day?

#SocialParenting: What Does Dad Really Want for Father’s Day?

Dad and daughter on Father's DayAround this time each year, the Bright Horizons Online Community becomes abuzz with talk of Father’s Day. With questions like “We want to surprise dad with a fun day out…any ideas for places we can take dad?” and “Do you give dad a day off from parenting or do you plan something special for him to do with the kids?” and “Any good arts and crafts ideas to do for Father’s Day gifts?” (psst…we recently shared some great homemade gift ideas for dad!) it seems many members of our online family are looking for advice on how to celebrate Father’s Day.

With all these questions circulating about how dad really wants to spend his special day, we decided to go right to the source: real dads! We reached out to our own sampling of super dads – the husbands and fathers in the lives of our own Family Room bloggers – to see what they had to say about Father’s Day gifts and activities.

Dads: What Do You Really Want for Father’s Day?

To me, the perfect Father’s Day is spending time with Liam and Kate, doing some of Liam’s favorite family activities – making pancakes, trips to the zoo and park, and a family run. That, combined with going out to lunch and making my favorite dinner for the family – grilled pizza – would make for a perfect Father’s Day. Of course, if I am able to watch some of the U.S. Open golf tournament with Liam, it would be all the better. – Brad (Kate’s husband)

Just to spend time with my kids and do something together that is out of our normal routine. Amy and I love hiking and used to hike in the mountains all the time prior to having kids. Now that we have little ones, we do it less and less. But since our first was born, we have tried to spend this day together hiking. Nothing big since they are still little and we are less in shape than we used to be, but it is something that I look forward to every year – spending time on the trail followed by having a relaxing lunch on top, enjoying the views and enjoying my kids. Away from “it” all. – Brian (Amy’s husband)

Wow, not easy to answer this… I have been very lucky this year and have received a lot already. If we’re talking material goods, I could use a new Red Sox hat as my others are a bit TOO broken-in. From an experience standpoint, a massage or a round of golf would be nice. Would LOVE it if my children could truly behave and not argue with their parents/each other for a whole day! Rob (Mary’s husband)

This Father’s Day I’d like to spend the day with my loving family…and I really hope I get a new set of steak knives. – Todd (Heather’s husband)

Dads – let us know: What makes a great Father’s Day gift or activity for the family?


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