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#SocialParenting: Winter Learning Activities for Kids

#SocialParenting: Winter Learning Activities for Kids

The children at Bright Horizons preschools and child care centers in cold-weather areas of the country have been busy learning all about winter by performing fun STEM experiments! Check out some of the crafts and learning activities that have been featured on the Bright Horizons social media channels.

Toddler Snow STEM Activity

The toddler classroom at Bright Horizons at Georgetown (Washington, DC) knows how to make the most of the winter! Through active exploration the children are learning the basic concepts of balance and weight as part of our Science Rocks curriculum component. The teachers led an activity experimenting with volume, weights, solids and liquids. They collected snow from outside and weighed it on a balance machine in comparison to water. They also weighed wet and dry paper towels, as well as other objects around the classroom! Each student made a hypothesis, tested it with the objects and balancers, and then drew conclusions based on the outcome of the experiments.

Toddler STEM activity with snow

Kindergarten Prep Ice Melting Experiment

The Kindergarten Prep children at Bright Horizons at Beacon Hill (Boston, MA) donned their science lab coats and worked on some crafty science experiments! With a Boston winter full of its fair share of cold weather, the students were curious about the “little rocks” they kept seeing on the sidewalks near their center after icy storms. Taking a cue from the children’s interests, their teacher devised a science experiment to help guide the class in exploring how different kinds of salt affect the process of melting. Watch the children as they discover why the salt plays such an important role in keeping the sidewalk safe for pedestrians in the winter time.


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