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Special Birthday Traditions for Kids

Special Birthday Traditions for Kids

Children’s birthdays are a time for celebration! Do you have any birthdays coming up in your house? The Family Room blog team is sharing some of their very favorite birthday traditions for kids. If you’re looking for new kids’ birthday traditions to start with your family, check out these fun ideas.

Second birthday party

Birthday Traditions for Kids

Mary: I buy a disposable helium tank (usually around $20.00 and it includes the balloons and ribbons) and fill my child’s bedroom with balloons while they sleep so they get a nice wake-up surprise in the morning. I also offer to drive my kids to and from school on their birthdays and take them to Dunkin’ Donuts beforehand for a special donut/muffin. It’s my daughters favorite part of her birthday. However, my son prefers to take the bus instead! Finally, they of course get to choose where or what we eat for dinner!

Kate: We have a few special birthday traditions. On his birthday Liam wakes up to balloons, banners and some special birthday chalk art of the character of his choosing on the chalkboard in his playroom (I’ve really had to stretch my artistic skills!). We then do a special birthday breakfast (pancakes with sprinkles and candles in them). Each year, my husband and I have taken the day off from work and done a special activity for his birthday. Two years ago it was a boat ride to the aquarium, last year it was a train ride to the Children’s Museum. This year we’re hoping to visit Thomasland at Edaville USA if it’s open in time. Since he is a summer baby I’m hoping this is a tradition we’ll be able to keep going for many years to come.

Allison: Each year, instead of buying and wrapping up gifts for my daughter, I take her somewhere special. I let her pick whatever she wants to do. One year we went to the movies, one year I took her to Build-A-Bear, and last year to paint pottery. It’s nice to spend time with her celebrating her birthday and leave the present part up to family members who won’t take no for an answer! I want her to understand turning a year older doesn’t just mean opening presents.

Kris-Ann: We have a very special birthday banner tradition! It’s a simple but very well-loved tradition in our family.

Media Mom: Honestly, I try not to overdo it on my kids’ birthdays. My son’s birthday is three weeks after Christmas and my daughter’s is three weeks after that, and my own birthday and New Years are in that mix too. We’re still just trying to recover from the December whirlwind when the kids’ birthdays roll around. So, we keep it simple and school day or not, we’ll do cake or cupcakes for breakfast on their actual birthday, and we try to remember to record their height on the inside of the basement door. It’s nothing cute or good looking (or even very accurate), but I’m sure some day when they’re moving me into a nursing home I’ll insist on bringing that door with me!

How do you celebrate birthdays? What are your family’s favorite birthday traditions?

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