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Special School Days for Kids: Pajama Day, Wacky Wednesday and More

Special School Days for Kids: Pajama Day, Wacky Wednesday and More

“I love how much she owns it!” my neighbor said enthusiastically after spotting my daughter at the bus stop. It was Wacky Wednesday. From the moment the teacher announced this upcoming, outside the norm, special school day for the class, my daughter was already plotting her outfit and hair. Wacky Wednesday couldn’t have come soon enough. In fact, the night before she lay awake so excited for the pure fun of dressing so differently.

Sister and brother dressed up for a special day at schoolFor Wacky Wednesday, she requested five braids in her hair. She planned to wear shorts over her pants along with striped ski socks. She threw on a scarf as her accessory for good measure. The night before, she came up with the idea of wearing a daisy on her head like Daisy-Head Mayzie from the popular Dr. Seuss book. (Speaking of fun days, did you know it was recently Dr. Seuss Day? Interestingly, Daisy-Head Mayzie was the last children’s book Dr. Seuss wrote and of the 44 books he illustrated, Daisy-Head Mayzie was not one of them.)

She really owned the whole look that morning with a grin that stretched ear to ear. The same week she had Wacky Wednesday was coincidentally the week my son’s child care center had a pajama day. While it’s March, he chose his Halloween pajamas because they have a glow-in-the-dark skeleton on them. He rolled out of bed that Friday morning, so proud and excited that he didn’t have to change that morning. He had a bounce in his step on pajama day and entered his Bright Horizons classroom with a huge smile.

I love these special school days for kids that present a change in the routine. While my kids are typically happy to go to school, these fun days help ensure zero battles (well, at least for the morning). I love that my kids get to be silly and creative – which is what being a kid is really all about.

Are there other small things – like special days at school – that allow your kids to be silly and creative?

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