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Spring Cleaning: Tips for Cleaning Each Room in Your House

Spring Cleaning: Tips for Cleaning Each Room in Your House

Spring is FINALLY here. It’s time to open the windows, air out your home and begin spring cleaning. “Spring” cleaning is just that. Cleaning that occurs all spring long and spring lasts three months, so in reading this, please don’t feel overwhelmed. Use these ideas to help you make a list of things you’d like to clean this season and then do so gradually over the next few months.

1. Bedrooms

  • Wash the comforter, quilts and/or duvet covers. Be sure to fluff the duvet inserts or consider bringing to the dry cleaners to have them professionally cleaned.
  • Go through clothes and donate or sell anything that either doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn in two years. For kids, if you plan to have more, put clothes into plastic storage bins and label the bin with the gender and age range the clothes are for. Use a free program like It’s Deductible to track what you donate. This way you can take a tax deduction for your donations.
  • Swap out winter clothes with summer clothes. Be sure to wash any clothes before you put them away for an extended period of time.


2. Bathrooms

  • Wash the shower curtain and bathmats.
  • Go through medicines and set aside anything you don’t use or has expired. Dispose of these items properly. Find information about a “National Take-Back Day” in your area here. Your local police station or pharmacy may take back expired drugs throughout the year. Just call and ask.
  • Throw out expired or old make-up.
  • Check first aid kits to make sure nothing needs to be replenished.

Little boy and mom washing hands

3. Playroom

  • Throw out broken toys, games with missing pieces and any toy your child doesn’t play with that came from a fast food restaurant or in a goodie bag.
  • Donate, sell or put into storage any toy your child has outgrown. If you plan to have no additional children in the future, I recommend donating or selling toys your kids no longer play with.
  • Move furniture, check the crevices, etc. for anything that may be missing. Kids lose things in the craziest of places!


4. Kitchen

  • Vacuum under and around the refrigerator, including coils.
  • Vacuum around stove and set stove to automatically clean if available.
  • Wash refrigerator shelves and drawers  (Hint: You don’t need to do this all at once either! Do a drawer/shelf a day.).
  • Considering defrosting your freezer if it doesn’t have a self defrost process as some newer refrigerators do.


5. Laundry Room

  • Pull out washer and dryer and vacuum all the dust around the machine.
  • Clean washing machine according to your owner’s manual.
  • Discard any old cleaners that you no longer use (including those samples that are now collecting dust).
  • If you have clothes that now seem to live in your laundry room, take them out and put them in the correct closet, store them or donate them.


6. Whole House

  • Wash the inside and outside of all windows. Follow these tips from Martha Stewart if you’d like. A great tip: Tackle one floor at a time if you have a lot of windows.
  • Remove and wash window screens and put back into place. If you’re like me and remove screens in the Fall, you can clean them at this time instead.
  • Wash down door knobs and light switch plates. Germs be gone!
  • Dust everywhere you don’t normally dust. This includes ceiling fans, high ledges and door frames and anywhere else that doesn’t see much movement.
  • Scrub decks and deck rails with a deck brush. Hose away dirt.


Girl Raking in the Garden

7. The Great Outdoors

  • Trim back trees and shrubs.
  • Hose down swing sets and scrub dirt and mildew off as needed.
  • Discard the sand from the sandbox. Often times, sand needs to be replaced yearly.
  • Prepare any flower/vegetable beds for spring planting.
  • On a warm day, hose down the house itself if necessary.


8. Garage

  • Sweep out all that sand and rock salt that has accumulated over the winter.
  • Put hoses back outside.
  • Reorganize outdoor toys. Put into labeled bins when possible. For example, put balls in one bin, gloves in another and safety gear in another.
  • Put winter supplies (shovels, sleds, ice melt, etc.) away and pull down spring/summer items (beach chairs, outdoor furniture/cushions, etc.)


Remember, spring is three months long. Spread out the tasks over time. Just don’t forget to try to tackle something once a week – big or small.


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