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Springtime Hopes – Dashed

A few days before the “official” start of Spring, Olivia started planning for the big event. She did what all girls naturally do…picked out her nail polish color. LOL! And she started the countdown. On Thursdays, “how many days until spring, Mommy?” On Friday, “how may days until spring, Mommy?” On Saturday, “is spring tomorrow, Mommy?” At this point the mom bell began ringing loudly. There must be a something more specific she is waiting for. And then she said, “So, when do we go to Canobie Lake Park (local amusement park), a water slide park, and Storyland.” AUGH! She has been asking since the weather changed in October when we would do all these fun outings again and now I had to break the news that those were “summer” activities. The look of disappointment was heartbreaking. Here is how the conversation continued:

  • Olivia: “But Mommy what FUN things are we going to do in spring?”
  • Me: “Well, let’s see, we are going to plant our garden.”
  • Olivia: “No Mommy! That’s not fun. I want to go somewhere and do something really fun.”

She’s right. We haven’t done many fun outings this winter. We spent many, many, many weekends skiing which was great family fun but, in a 4-year old’s world, probably a bit monotonous. So this weekend I’m on a mission to find some fun indoor things to do. I’m thinking maybe the Museum of Science – they have a cool Butterfly Garden that maybe, just maybe, can measure up to Canobie Lake Park.


  1. Kayla March 29, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    Not sure where in MA/NH you are, but there’s a really cute Children’s Museum in Acton and some indoor playground-type places around: one in Westford (One Stop Fun-REALLY nice and REALLY clean) and one in Lowell (Jump On In).

  2. Cooking Mom April 5, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Thanks Kayla for the suggestions. I live in Westford so know those places though haven’t been to Jump On In yet. It’s really about making the effort to ignore the cleaning and chores and getting out to do more things. We ended up at the Boston Science Museum soon after that post and spent a fortune for a few hours. We’ll be going to the one in Acton from now on!

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