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I was awarded a wonderful treat this past weekend. My husband left on Friday afternoon, with our two boys, to stay with his parents for the weekend. I was left at home. Just me and my dog. I struggled with what do do with all of my free time; thinking about what I should do vs. what I wanted to do.

I should have:

  • organized the kitchen cabinets
  • sorted and filed the drawer full of random paperwork
  • returned Christmas gifts to the mall
  • grocery shopped
  • cooked meals for the week (and then some)
  • sewn a shower curtain (I don’t know how to sew so this would not be relaxing for me)

I wanted to:

  • sleep
  • watch movies
  • sleep some more

For once, I let what I wanted to do win. I watched 3 (!) movies, lots of trashy television, took a long, hot shower and slept through the night, in my own bed, two nights in a row. I did do several loads of laundry and make a grocery list but I feel more refreshed and ready to tackle this week than I ever would have completing my to do list. If given the chance, what would you do with a weekend to yourself?

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