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Summer Bucket List Activities for Families

Summer Bucket List Activities for Families

Every year, it seems like the summer months go by just a little bit faster! Can you believe it’s already July? If you haven’t already, now is a great time to create a family summer bucket list. Family Room blogger, Kate, has a tradition of making these lists (see her past spring list and summer list) to ensure that she and her family find the time to squeeze in all of the fun summer things they want do before the fall rolls around.

We asked our bloggers to share some of the family activities that are still left on their summer bucket lists. What’s on yours? You might find some fun, family-friendly ideas to add from this list below.

What’s On Your Family’s Summer Bucket List?

Swinging on swingsetAmy, Nourish Mom: With two working parents in the summer, it often feels as if our kids don’t get to have the same kind of carefree summer filled with spontaneous adventures. On my bucket list this summer is to have spontaneous weekend day trips rather than the typical chores that often fill our weekends. I’m not sure what they’ll be but I think camping is on the agenda. My toddler keeps asking to sleep outside.

Media Mom: I was just talking to my kids about our summer bucket lists the other day. On mine is to see a real live moose. My daughter added riding a roller coaster and building a fairy house. My son want to build a house for his cars and eat ice cream!

Mary, Organized Mom: Go to Martha’s Vineyard for the day! We used to vacation on the Vineyard, but the summer after my second child was born it rained most of the week. We knew then that we needed to start vacationing somewhere else that wasn’t an island and where the stores weren’t so tiny strollers couldn’t fit through. I’m looking forward to going back for a day now that the kids are older. I also want to teach my son to ride his bike this summer. Now that we have a great street for the kids to ride on, he’s anxious to start riding at the same speed at his sister.

Ruth: Camping, camping, camping. As a child, parent and grandparent my favorite memories are from family camping trips. At home we sometimes get busy doing “things” but when we are camping we have plenty of time to enjoy each other.

Jessie: To actually swim in our new pool! To take Zoe to The Butterfly Place. And, to go on a swan boat ride at Boston Common.


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