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Summer Goals for Busy Parents

Summer Goals for Busy Parents

New Year’s Eve isn’t the only time of the year to set goals. For busy working parents, sometimes the summer months – which tend to be a little less hectic – are a better time to focus on setting and achieving personal goals. Whether you’re looking to make healthy lifestyle changes or find ways to carve out more “me time” in your day, now is a great time to think about actionable goals you can work towards. Today the Family Room bloggers share some of their own summer goals.

What is Your Summer Goal?

Amy: A personal goal I’d like to achieve is finding an exercise program that fits into my busy schedule. I’ve been thinking/talking about it for years. I’m more successful in a group setting where others are there to motivate me. I simply haven’t figured out how to fit it into our busy schedule. I’m hoping the more relaxed summer will give me the opportunity to find somewhere and get into a good habit that I can prioritize when it gets busy again during the school year.

Mary: Running is great exercise, and though I’ve become a better runner, I hate it. I hope by the end of summer, I will develop a new love for it. My goal is to run a 10K in the fall which will only be the second time I’ve participated in any type of race. I ran my first 5K two years ago.

Kate: We’re hoping to be settling in as a family of four by the end of summer. Anything on top of that (like finishing up all the things we want to do before the baby arrives) is icing on the cake!

Media Mom: For the kids: Get a little relaxation, fun and lots of physical activity. For me: Eat healthier and get active.

Summer outdoor activity for kids

What is your summer goal? Share in the comments area below.


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