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#SocialParenting: Summer Outdoor Activities for Families

#SocialParenting: Summer Outdoor Activities for Families

“What are some good outdoor activities that families can do together? I have a 7-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy. We love being outside and want to be active together. We need ideas that are age-appropriate for all of us.” – Bright Horizons Online Community member

Summer is a great time to get outside and explore new things as a family. What are your family’s favorite summer activities to do together? The Family Room bloggers are sharing some of their most favorite outdoor activities for summer.

Little girl playing on rocks at the beach

My Family’s Favorite Summer Outdoor Activities

Amy: Our family loves to go hiking in the summer. It’s a great opportunity to spend time together, get some exercise and get outside in the fresh air. Also, we love to get ice cream – that’s considered an outdoor activity, right?!

Mary: Going to the beach! While I like to just sit and relax, my kids love to explore and find creatures and shells – there’s so many ways for kids to stay busy at the beach. I love when they bring their findings back to me with such excitement!

Kate: Probably going for walks. I love it because it’s something we can all do together outside even on weeknights. It sounds silly but it’s become such a part of our daily routine in nicer weather that Liam tries to convince us it’s not “really raining” so we’ll go for a walk on rainy nights.

Media Mom: I love collecting sea glass. I’ll do it any time of year, but after a summer storm, it’s great to go to the rocky beaches of Maine and search for glass. For me, that’s more relaxing than just sitting in a chair on the beach. I like to have a mission.

What are your family’s favorite outdoor activities during the summer months? Share your ideas below or in the Bright Horizons Online Community.

More Summer Activities for Children & Families

Looking for additional summer activities for kids? Check out the family-friendly summer activity ideas below.

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