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Summer Reading for Adults

Summer Reading for Adults

My boys are participating in the summer reading program at our local library. They record all the books they read each day, committing to 20 minutes per day, and when they accumulate a certain number of titles, they get a prize. So far we’ve collected super cute Dig Into Reading library t-shirts. (If I was a good blogger I’d have a great photo of my kids wearing their t-shirts buried in books, but alas, I do not.)

It got me thinking that there should be a summer reading program for adults (instead of t-shirts, the prizes would be wine or fancy chocolate!) Like Organized Mom, I’m looking for some good books to read (or listen to) this summer. I thought some of you might be looking for the same, so here are some books I’ve enjoyed recently that are perfect for summer…

A Summer Reading List (for Adults!)

Bossypants by Tina Fey: If you can, listen to the audio version of this (I listen to books on my weekly 4 hour round trip to the office). Tina Fey reads it so it’s kind of like listening to a good SNL skit. I totally laughed out loud in my car a few times. It also makes good listening during a work out because it’s light. The stories about how the Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin skits from 2008 came about are worth the price alone.

Last Night at the Ritz by Elizabeth Savage: Again, if you can listen to this, do it. If you like the era of Mad Men, you’ll enjoy this book. I’m finding that actually reading it is a bit slow, but the woman who reads the audio version has the best voice! Her slight accent makes her sound old fashioned…like one of the blonde bombshell actresses from the 40’s and 50’s (which is the era the books takes place).

Anything by Elin Hilderbrand: These are the PERFECT summer books. They all take place on Nantucket so the beach town settings alone make them good reads. They are by no means brain teasers, but just the right amount of chick lit for a relaxing summer read on the beach. (Who am I kidding? I don’t read on the beach anymore. I’m too busy handing out snacks and making dirt roads and sandcastles.)

Organized Mom said she read The Hunger Games trilogy last summer. I second that choice. Thank goodness for instant access to books with the Kindle. You may as well just buy the whole trilogy at once. Once you finish the first in the series, you have to continue on and read all three right away. And even if you saw the movie, read the book. It’s much much better. Trust me.

I do have a few books on my Kindle Wish List that I hope to get to: The Engagements, What Happened to Sophie Wilder, The End of Your Life Book Club, but those just seem too heavy for summer. I need more of the sand in your toes, summer romance, unwind with a glass of wine kind of book. Have you read any of those? What’s on your reading list this summer?


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  1. Rijschool Oostrom September 24, 2013 at 9:38 am

    The first warm day after a very cold winter. you finally get to wear shorts!AWESOME

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