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Summer Traditions for Families

Summer Traditions for Families

Independence Day weekend may be over, but there’s plenty of summer left to enjoy! What summer activities do you have on your family’s “must-do” list? What are your favorite summer traditions? Members of the Family Room blog team are sharing their very favorite summertime traditions for families.

My Family’s Favorite Summer Traditions

Strawberry pickingAmy: One of our family’s favorite summer tradition is going fruit picking. It’s a great weekend early morning activity and something we can do as a family before our busy day starts. Our favorite fruits to pick are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, and apples (in the fall). This year, I’d also like to try peach picking. I think the kids would love that!

Kate: We have lots of little ones but what they all seem to have in common is taking advantage of time together on weeknight and not just on weekends. Something about hanging out outside until the sun starts going down makes the everyday routine so much more special. This translates into our house being messier and fewer projects getting done than I’d like, but I’ll gladly take the trade-off.

Child wearing bathing suitAllison: Every Sunday, my family gathers at my parents’ house to cook-out and go swimming. My two sisters and I are always so busy, so it’s nice to see each other and get to spend some time together. My daughter loves having everyone in one place and being able to play with my sister’s dog!

Mary: Every summer we go to the fishing pier in Chatham, MA. We watch the fishing boats come in and love seeing all the seals pop their heads up for scraps!

Caty: Weekend brunch outside! Living in the northeast, I like to take advantage of any warm, outdoor weather I can during the summer months and brunching outside on the porch during weekends spent with family has always been a favorite summer tradition.

How about you? What are your family’s favorite summertime traditions? Be sure to share with us in the comments area below.


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