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Swab the Deck

We are embarking on our first home construction project since “going green”. We’re installing a sliding door in our kitchen and building a deck out back. The problem is, we can’t decide what to build the deck out of.

We’ve thought about wood, but we figure we can’t keep up with the maintenance. We can’t even manage to get to the grocery store or mow the lawn, never mind have to stain and seal a deck every year. It would be the least expensive, but we’d want to find wood from a sustainable forest.

We’ve explored all of the composite products but we all know how I feel about plastic, and most of the composites are made with PVC. Plus, they tend to get mildew and our back yard doesn’t get a lot of sun. BUT, it’s low maintenance, would look the best and probably have the best resale value.

We’ve been introduced to bamboo decking, but it’s a brand new product. We don’t know anyone that has it, and the only info we can find online is provided by the manufacturers.  We’re hesitant to use something that is in it’s first version.

We have our families booked for both deck building and babysitting on Memorial Day weekend, so we have to decide quickly. If anyone has any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

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