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Swimming Lessons

I was happy to read this post (via Babycenter) recently as I’ve been researching swim programs for my children. My husband did swimming lessons with Max (the oldest) when he was about 6 months old (I was not about to get into a bathing suit). Max was great in the water, but the swimming lessons were less than exciting. We haven’t signed him up again since, but know we need to. He needs to learn how to swim on his own. He loves swimming pools and is great on his own with arm swimmies, but I want him to know what to do in the water, especially if he’s swimming and gets tired. The problem is that since he’s almost 4, a parent doesn’t go in the water with him. I’m afraid that he won’t pay attention and hang on to or sit on the side when told, and will slip in the water as this blogger mentions. I don’t want to sign him up for an adaptive class, because I don’t actually think he needs that either.

I’ve also been feeling guilty that I haven’t signed my two year old up for classes at all…for no good reason. He also loves to swim and will jump in, get his face wet and go under water…all of the things many children are afraid of.  However, hearing that a child is fine without swimming lessons until age 4 makes me realize that I’m right on track! For once, a blog post that makes me feel better, not guilty.

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  1. News Mom June 16, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    We have a babysitter who taught swim lessons to children before she moved to the east coast, and she’s a firm believer that kids can’t learn to swim until they’re 4, and that it’s dangerous to teach them when they’re much younger because they get comfortable around the pool but can’t really learn what they need to be safe.
    I started my daughter in swim lessons just around the time she turned 4. If you go to a place that does short, small group lessons, I think you’ll be fine.

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