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Take 5: Easy Ways for Parents to Relax and Recharge

Take 5: Easy Ways for Parents to Relax and Recharge

As a parent most days are go go go, which leaves little time (if any!) for self-care. So, how can you recharge your battery? Here our Family Room bloggers share the quick and simple activities that help them unwind and get re-energized:

Self-Care for Exhausted Parents: Easy Ways to Recharge

Amy: “I typically hide in a room with my Kindle Fire and play a game, read a book, or check in on social. Also, we recently got a new puppy. Taking him out to play in the fresh air helps me to rejuvenate and get away for a bit.”

Mary: “I walk! That may mean walking around my house or heading outside to get the mail. Just a change of scenery helps de-stress.”

Aili: “YouTube…I follow a bunch of vloggers; My So Called Home, How Jen Does It, HappilyAHousewife, and AtHomeWithNikki. Catching up on their posted videos is my #1 way to de-compress. The only issue is keeping it to a few minutes!”

Lindsay, Blog Editor: “Even though I love my coffee (anyone that’s met me will tell you that), when I could use a break, I opt for tea. I like Yogi tea’s Honey Lavender and Peppermint flavors because they’re caffeine free. I keep some stocked in my kitchen cabinet and in my desk drawer at work. The act of making the tea and savoring it helps me slow down and be in the moment. By the time I finish the mug, I feel re-energized.”

When you’re feeling spent, what are your favorite ways to recharge your battery?

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