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Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads

Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads

“Do you help out a lot?” 

I asked this question to many, many different dads I know in the pre-production research stage of our newest podcast: Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads, and generally got the same answer: “Of course.” That was sometimes followed by “Are you kidding? If I didn’t, my wife would…[fill in the blank].”

All joking aside, today’s dads seem to be pretty much on point with what their kids need, where they need to be, how to change a diaper, and what to make for lunches. The ones we talked to are totally okay with getting the kids out the door in the morning before work, and super-okay with mom taking a night out to go hang with friends or go for a run.

Our podcast dads are no different. In this episode, we chatted with five millennial dads about working, parenting, and what’s changed about fatherhood since they were children.

The best part? They wholeheartedly recognize “the mental load” – mom’s tendency to be the gatekeeper of everything that involves the kids and overloads their (or, OUR…yes, guilty) brains in the process. These dads want us moms to share the hard part. We moms just need to be willing to share, and willing to trust that dad’s got it.

This podcast is a fantastic conversation featuring five dads in very different parenting stages – from father of a three-month old, to father of two elementary school age children. We hope you’ll take a listen, relate, and share in the joy of “embracing the poop.” (You’ll understand when you listen to it!)

Episode 16: Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads

For e-mail readers, the episode is available to listen to here.

I’m Naoko, graduate of the two-under-two club and producer of The Work-Life Equation podcast series. I’m constantly searching for the perfect balance point between work, life, parenting, friendships, and playing sports. I’m not a good sleeper, never was, and now will NEVER BE but I’m so in love with my incredibly fierce duo!

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