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Teach. Play. Love. Podcast: Parenting Advice for the Early Years

Teach. Play. Love. Podcast: Parenting Advice for the Early Years

In a world where information and choices seem endless, how do you really know what matters for your child’s development – and what doesn’t? We sat down with our VP, Education & Development, Rachel Robertson, to talk about the inspiration behind the Teach. Play. Love. podcast, and how she’s helping to guide parents in the right direction. Subscribe to Teach. Play. Love. on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Q. What inspired you start the podcast?

A. There are so many resources for families and parents – it’s hard to know where to go for reliable information. I wanted to find a way to help parents sort through it all and hone in on the most important things when it comes to raising young children. There are a lot of different ways to parent and so many different ways to “get it right.” I want parents to feel successful and know that there are experts who can help them on this journey.

Q. Why are you so passionate about the field of early childhood education?

A. My early career goals centered on working with older kids. The more and more I learned about early education, the more intrigued I was by the opportunity to be a part of the most influential time in a child’s development. I’m fascinated by brain development, so working with young children whose brains are growing and changing rapidly was really exciting. Plus, I just love little kids so much; they are adorable! I respect them, and appreciate how much they have to offer. It is fascinating to sit down with young children – from babies to young school-agers – and soak up all they have to offer.

Q. What’s the impact you’re hoping the podcast has on listeners?

A. I do in-person parent workshops from time to time and I hope this podcast can create a similar experience for parents that I can’t meet with live. I hope to give practical information, promote confidence, and empower moms and dads to be the best parents they can be. I want them to feel less anxious, be able to take a collective, deep breath, and enjoy the early years of parenting. But most important, I want them to enjoy the incredible human beings they are raising.

Q. What sort of topics and conversations can listeners expect?

A. There are so many topics I want to tackle. But, some of the next ones include school readiness, choosing great books, and mindfulness.

Thanks, Rachel! We can’t wait to follow along with you on your podcast journey.

This is Teach. Play. Love.

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