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Teacher Appreciation Month: A Roundup of Ideas and Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Month: A Roundup of Ideas and Gifts

May is Teacher Appreciation Month, and while you may be grateful for your child’s educators every day, we encourage you to take this extra special opportunity to recognize the wonderful contributions they’re making to your child’s life.

If you’re wondering how to show your gratitude, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best DIY gifts, ideas, and words of appreciation to help you show your child’s teacher just how much you care.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts
Breakfast Recipes for Teachers
Ideas to Celebrate Teachers
Words of Appreciation

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Whether you’re looking to get crafty or you’re on a budget, break out the glue and glitter and get to work on one of these homemade gifts for teachers. Your child can help, too!

  1. Make reusable cup sleeves for the morning coffee or tea they rely on each day.
  2. Say “thanks a latte” with this card — it’s fun and relatively easy to make.
  3. If your child’s teacher has a sweet tooth, write a candy letter.
  4. Go for useful and embroider a make-up bag.
  5. Pair a tea bag wreath with a mug.
  6. Upcycle containers (and add cookies).
  7. Create a colored pencil vase.
  8. Put together a lunchbox bouquet.
  9. Make a sticky note thank-you card.
  10. Fill a cup to the brim with pencils.

See how Bright Horizons at Christiana thanked their “de-pen-dable” teachers with a colorful gift!

Breakfast Recipes for Teachers

If crafts aren’t your thing, get creative in the kitchen and make one of these yummy breakfast foods that are sure to be a hit at any teacher appreciation event.

Breakfast Kebab Recipes

Kebabs (skewered food) are fun, playful, and easy to serve. Here are some of our favorites:


Serve-Yourself Breakfast Recipes

If you’re pressed for time and can’t make individual pieces for each teacher, try a recipe that will feed the whole group:

Bright Horizons at York County School of Technology treated their teachers to a yummy à la carte breakfast.

Ideas to Celebrate Teachers

Looking for even more ideas? Here’s how parents celebrate the teachers at some of our centers:

Gift Cards: For the annual teacher awards dinner, parents have the opportunity to donate $5.00 gift cards to each teacher’s favorite place. The gift cards are put at their seats at the annual teacher awards dinner — it’s a small gesture, but they really appreciate it.

Wednesday Lunch: Parents bring in homemade or catered lunch for the teachers. It doesn’t have to be fancy – something as simple as sandwiches and salads puts a smile on their faces.

Cards and Notes: One center leaves blank cardstock and envelopes at the check-in computer. Children can draw pictures, write notes, or sign their name for specific teachers. Then, the director mails them to each teacher’s home throughout the month.

A Green Gift: Parents are encouraged to bring in a small potted plant — a flowering plant, herb, or simple green. When they drop off the plant, they stick a teacher’s nametag to it — this way, each teacher gets a plant to take home.

The teachers at Bright Horizons at Henrico got a floral Teacher Appreciation surprise!

Favorites Basket: On the last day of Teacher Appreciation Month, parents give each teacher a basket filled with their favorites — candy bars, beverages, magazines, gift cards, and more. Parents volunteer to either purchase an item for the baskets or put the baskets together for each teacher.

Words of Appreciation

Need inspiration for your own card…or a new way to say “you’re amazing”? We asked Bright Horizons parents to share one word that best describes their child’s teacher. Here’s what they had to say.

What do you love about your child’s Bright Horizons teacher? What does your child want to share? Tell us on our teacher appreciation site!

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