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Teacher Appreciation: Thank You to Toddler Teachers Everywhere

Teacher Appreciation: Thank You to Toddler Teachers Everywhere

I’m not very inventive or creative when it comes to Teacher Appreciation Month. Our child care center is really great about organizing activities in which the parents can participate and show their thanks. And I usually follow along with what they plan (like hosting a teacher appreciation breakfast). But this year is a little special. This month, Owen is transitioning from the toddler classroom into the early preschool class. If you’ve been following my toddler’s behavior stories, you’ll understand why I owe his toddler teachers a great big thanks. And really, if you’re a toddler teacher, you have my respect and admiration. That’s why I thought I’d share a universal “Thank You” to toddler teachers everywhere.

Teacher Appreciation Thanks to Toddler Teachers

Dear Toddler Teachers,

  • A teacher with toddlersThanks for your patience for every toddler that went through the biting stage while in your classroom. Toddler parents appreciate the calm way you explained that biting is a normal childhood phase and that, in fact, our child would not be branded with a scarlet “B” to wear in shame around the classroom. Rather, you gave a friendly smile along with helpful parenting tips for how to curb biting behavior.
  • Thank you for teaching toddlers how to wash their hands, eat with a fork, clean up toys, wait in line patiently, take turns, and so many other life skills – all to the rhythm of upbeat tunes. After a long workday, it’s nice that dinner is just a bit more civil and enjoyable.
  • Messy toddler baking browniesThanks for providing a safe and fun place for toddlers to explore and release their boundless energy. Whether it’s rainy or sunny outside, we appreciate your dedication to keeping toddlers active and being resourceful with hula hoops, yoga, bikes and more. I am especially grateful that I’ve rarely had a sleepless night since starting in the toddler class.
  • Thank you for the countless projects and activities that emphasize process over product. It helps this toddler parent feel okay with her inability to create Pinterest-worthy crafts and actually enjoy “messy” painting with toddlers.
  • Thanks for not judging us toddler parents when we’re walking around in a fog of tiredness and uncertainty. We don’t always get parenting right but you never say it – not out loud, anyways.
  • Finally, thank you for loving our toddlers, for giving them hugs when they’re sad or hurt, for sending us photos and notes about their day, and for giving endless smiles to our children. You are little rays of lights in this turbulent phase of toddlerhood.

With much love,
Toddler Parents

Editor’s NoteVisit the Bright Horizons Employee Appreciation website to learn more about how teachers and staff members have inspired Bright Horizons families.

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