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Teaching Children to be Caring & Compassionate

Teaching Children to be Caring & Compassionate

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Bright Horizons Family Matters webinar team to present Growing Givers: Raising Socially Responsible Children.

I truly believe that social responsibility isn’t just about volunteering at the soup kitchen. Or, fostering homeless pets. It’s not just going to the nursing home and reading to the elderly. Social responsibility isn’t only those things. Social responsibility starts with kindness and compassion. Social responsibility is small projects that have an impact like collecting change and making a donation twice a year. It is teaching your child to be kind to their friends, and to be compassionate to the child that is being teased. It is about sharing dinner with a neighbor who is going through a tough time. It is about nurturing your heart and your child’s heart. It is about being inclusive and respectful.

We can’t all volunteer every weekend. But we can all care and teach our children to care. And then, when it makes sense, we will be more likely to find a way to give back to someone who needs it. Or get out and volunteer in our community.

If you can find an hour in your day, you should check out the great discussion that was held during the parenting webinar below – I think you’ll walk away with some creative, practical ideas to help you raise a kind and compassionate child even if you have a busy family, like mine.

Growing Givers: Raising Socially Responsible Children – Parent Webinar

How are you teaching your children to be caring, compassionate and loving?


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