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Teaching Manners & Good Behavior

Teaching Manners & Good Behavior

I’ve always contended that there is so much you can teach by reading to children. Even before I became a mom I read books to children to teach about food through my little kids’ cooking class, Cooks-n-Books. We would read the Very Hungry Caterpillar and make caterpillar and butterfly treats demonstrating a healthy way of eating.

Books became even more important when I became a mom. What I couldn’t always communicate to my spirited first born (now almost 7), I could share through a story. When I was frazzled about how to help her deal with temper tantrums, out came When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry and Emily’s Tiger.

Recently, my toddler son has been biting and hitting and it’s been troubling me about how I can work with him on this behavior. While meeting with his teacher and center director about toddler discipline strategies I was struck by something the director said. She reassured me that his behavior is absolutely aligned with his age. She went on to describe how, despite his physical way of communicating his needs, he is very reasonable about “sharing” toys. Except, she said, when it comes to books. “Don’t ever ask him to share his book,” she said with a laugh.

“A-ha, that’s it!” I thought, “The answer.” What I needed to do was find and dust off Olivia’s children’s books about manners and good behaviors. Why had I forgotten that?! I guess we got stuck on the train, truck and car books that he gravitated towards the last few months. Ironically my husband had also realized this just about the same time.

Children’s Books about Manners & Good Behavior

Here are good behavior and manners books that we found and have been reading a lot of lately:

Reading to children at school

It looks as if there are a lot more “How Do Dinosaurs…” books that we need to get  – play with their friends, play with their dog, count to ten, say I’m mad. But, I could use some more suggestions. What books have you found that teach good manners and behaviors to children?


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