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Telling Your Child They’re Going to Disney World

Telling Your Child They’re Going to Disney World

My daughter was at the perfect age for our recent family trip to Disney World. She’s young enough to still believe in the ‘magic’ of the whole experience but at an old enough age that she will actually remember the trip.

After making our travel arrangements, I immediately started thinking about how I was going to tell her about the trip. I considered telling her on the way to the airport or surprising her when we got there, but doing that takes away from the packing experience. I wanted my daughter to be involved in picking out her outfits (to avoid any conflicts while we are there) and also to give her the opportunity to decide which toys, books, and activities to bring for the plane ride and to have in the hotel room. Plus, I knew she would be excited to share the news with her teacher and classmates.

After browsing Pinterest, I decided I would get creative and send her package directly from Queen Elsa! The package consisted of a letter inviting my daughter to Disney World, three special (fake) tickets to the Magic Kingdom, Disney themed t-shirts, a few toys to keep her entertained on the plane, sunblock, and a few other random items that would be useful on the trip.

Homemade Ticket to Disney World

Before picking her up from school, I left the gift bag on my porch. She saw it when we pulled into our driveway. She jumped out of the car to go see what it was. You can imagine her surprise when she opened it up!

Telling your child they're going to Disney World

Have you ever told your child about a vacation in a creative way? How did they react?


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