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Thanksgiving Seating: Help Needed!

Thanksgiving Seating: Help Needed!

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, but I’m already thinking about how to seat my 25 guests for the meal. I’m fixating on this because doing so allows me to procrastinate and avoid thinking about the menu, readying my house for my in-laws who are staying with us for the week, etc.

Here’s the challenge: I am expecting 11 kids, ranging in age from 2 to 13 and representing virtually every age in between. A kids’ table would be very upsetting to the 10 and up group, but the little ones will be hard pressed to sit with the grown ups. I can’t split the kids by age because of weird sibling issues, which are probably a good topic for another blog altogether. So what do I do? A T-shaped configuration with the kids at one table but quasi-attached to the grown-ups? An H-shaped table arrangement with little kids at one table and bigger ones at the other with the grown-ups in between?

How do you handle sticky seating situations? Please share any advice or thoughts in the comments area below.


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