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The Committee…Part 2

If you read my blog entry last week, you know that I am now officially on two committees at my kids’ schools. Given that both monthly committee meetings are falling in the same week, I’m already committeed out. I’m interested in what we’re meeting about. I wanted to get more involved. I even like the other people on the committee. But last night we played an extended game of hide-and-seek after dinner. Then we tucked the kids in and watched “Mad Men.” I’m ready for a rematch tonight, and I’ve got “Brothers and Sisters” waiting on my DVR. I want to go home, put on my sweats, and hang out. I’ve been in meetings all day. Enough is enough, no? Apparently not. I know the right answer; I get how important it is to be involved in our kids’ schools and activities. But after a long day at work, playing with the kids followed by lounging on the couch seems pretty irresistible. What’s the right balance? And where can we find another 3 hours to tack on to the day?

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