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The Holiday Season is Coming

The Holiday Season is Coming

Halloween is over. It’s all downhill from here folks. In a few short weeks it’ll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Valentine’s Day. That’s right, the holidays are coming. And, to top it off, we were crazy enough to throw in the vacation of a lifetime in between there. I’m officially already stressed about making it all happen.

I am someone who wants to cram in all things seasonal before it’s too late. We visited a few fairs and the pumpkin patch multiple times this fall. I’ve had more pumpkin flavored items that I care to admit and we’ve done the obligatory leaf pressing then gluing to a piece of construction paper project.

And now? Now I keep seeing Facebook posts about how many days it is until Christmas and Organized Mom is already “pinning” Elf on the Shelf ideas. I’ve seen Christmas shopping commercials on TV already, and Target has their holiday aisle up in full force. We’ve already started chatting casually about Christmas lists, I’ve had fleeting thoughts about where we’re going to get our Christmas tree this year and the official invite to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner has been sent out.

Phew. Time is going by really quickly. Because of bad weather last year extending the school year, and cooler temps for most of June, the summer felt very short. Now, because we’ve worked all things fall into our busy weekend schedules, winter is going to be here before I know it. Now that my boys are getting older, and we’re completely out of the baby phase, I’m becoming one of those people who wants to slow down, and savor the moments more. I’m done wishing away time, waiting for things to pass and more about wanting to hold on to those sleigh reins and just be; just experience all the holiday season has to offer.

christmas 2009 032

So as much as I love all things holiday, the family gatherings, the holiday shopping and prep, I’m going to view them less as a chore this year, as something on my to do list, and make sure to enjoy them. Remind me of that in a month or so, will you?


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