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The Holiday Season: Love It or Loathe It?

The Holiday Season: Love It or Loathe It?

I recently read a post on Facebook from a mom of six who is definitely not a fan of an elongated Christmas season. I didn’t get the impression she doesn’t like Christmas, just the commercialism around it and the fact that the holiday “spirit” seems to haunt us earlier and earlier each year. It got me thinking about my own thoughts on Christmas and the entire holiday season – do I love it or loathe it? While there’s a part of me that wants to loathe it, I actually love it. I want to loathe it because of the pure stress it creates. More to do between shopping and decorating, agonizing conversations about with who and where to spend the holidays and the constant plotting around what “Eddie the Elf” will do next. There is also the daily decision on what tchotchke (ironically, a Yiddish term) will be left for the kids to find in the “elf house” on one of the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Throw in a couple birthdays, the Nutcracker, holiday parties and oh yeah… life. It’s A LOT of work. Not one, but perhaps 10 more daily things parents have to squeeze into their already incredibly busy days.

Why I love Christmas & The Holiday Season

Despite all of the downsides, there are so many reasons I love this season:

  • I love that my kids get giddy with anticipation for Christmas Day.
  • I love that my kids remember which house puts out what lights and not only have their favorites but still ohhh and ahhh over them as if they’ve never seen Christmas lights before.
  • I love that my kids remember what “Eddie the Elf” did last year and what is new this year, such as him celebrating his “birthday” with cake and balloons.
  •  I love that at 7 a.m. my kids dart out of their bedrooms to find the elf and see what he left in the elf house – as if Christmas were each and every day.
  • I love that when I climb into the attic to get the decorations the kids are begging me to bring down the nutcrackers first and asking for each of their favorite decorations.
  • I love that once everything is down from the attic (including the 25+ books) my daughter sits on the kitchen floor and reads EVERY one to her brother.
  • I love that when the ornaments come out they get so excited to find “their ornaments” and of course are excited to find the ornaments they “think” are theirs.
  • I love that my kids insist their stockings hang on the mantle from the reindeer hooks, not the Christmas tree hooks, and that I let them have the reindeer even though it’s my favorite too!
  • I love the excitement in their eyes when I pull out the gingerbread house making kits – are they more excited to decorate or eat it?
  • I love that each day we receive cards from family, friends and loved ones that show how much everyone has grown over the past year.
  • I love giving them toy catalogs and letting them have at it with a pen to circle or cut out what they want.  It keeps them busy for hours and of course makes me and husband laugh with some of the things they pick (like my son who circled the Barbie Dream House just because his sister did).
  • I’ve loved watching how each Christmas they get a little closer to Santa and that this year they actually both sat on his lap without my being close by.
  • I love the constant smiles and giggle fits the season seems to bring each year.

Christmas countdown snowman

Don’t worry, I also love when shortly after the New Year, we take all the Christmas decorations down and return to normal. What do you love?


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