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The Inclusion Debate: Amazon Mom vs. Amazon Family

The Inclusion Debate: Amazon Mom vs. Amazon Family

This blog, The Family Room Blog, was once called The Mom to Mom Blog. We received a couple of complaints from dads over the years who felt the blog name should be more inclusive. I’ll admit it, I was one of the bloggers who resisted at first. At the time, despite our efforts to recruit dad blogger writers, all our bloggers were moms. Back then, the conversations and personal musings on the blog felt uniquely female in many regards. Issues about pregnancy, gender inequity and the like. I was wrong. Almost two years ago we changed the name and it was definitely the right thing to do. We now have a more diverse team of moms, dads, grandparents and all types of wonderful guest bloggers here contributing to a rich, engaging parenting and family dialogue. The name change was just a part of it, but name changes can be important steps.

Dad kissing daughterIt is now the right thing for Amazon to change the name of their Amazon Mom program to Amazon Family. It’s a simpler proposition than any blog. After all, they’re not even engaging in personal conversation. They’re just selling stuff. Stuff like diapers and wipes and baby food. And in our house, it happens to be my husband who orders that stuff. My husband, HE is an Amazon Mom. In fact, I can’t be. I tried. But only the primary Amazon Prime subscriber in the household can be an Amazon Mom. I’m out. He’s in. So why is there even a question? This program is called Amazon Family in the UK, Canada, Austria, Germany, France and Japan. Perpetuating the gender stereotype that only women care about, need and buy baby supplies is not only outdated, but keeps setting us back as moms, dads, and as a society.

A dad blogger started the effort to make the change, but I’ll argue it’s equally if not more insulting and damaging to women than men for them to continue the name as it is.

I get it. Change can be tough. It is also the right thing to do.


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