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The Mom Purse: What’s In Your Bag?

The Mom Purse: What’s In Your Bag?

My husband and I took the kids to a Red Sox game a few weekends ago. Because they limit the size of the bag you can bring into Fenway Park, I had to pull out a different bag and just throw in the few things I needed from my everyday purse. Keys, wallet, phone, anything else? Nope. So how is it that my everyday purse weighs 82 lbs, seems like a bottomless pit, and swallows my car keys three times a day? It’s because…I’m a mom. It’s time to take the semi-regular inventory of my mom purse to ensure that I am perpetually prepared for the apocalypse. Here is what I have today.

The Contents of This Mom’s Purse

The contents of a mom's purse1 Jake and the Neverland Pirates pull-up

1 birthday party invitation. Must remember to RSVP. Unless that party already happened…

1 24-inch gummy snake, 1 ring pop, 3 dum dums, 1 package of wax bottles, and other assorted candy

1 orphaned 3T Celtics sock

Assorted cars from the movie Cars, including Guido, Luigi and Miguel Camino

1 cast cover (for a girl with a broken arm!)

1 glow in the dark bracelet, long since expired

1 fluorescent pink pony tail holder

1 package of crayons in puzzlingly nice condition

1 heart whistle

1 teeny tiny plastic bunny

1 tube of Benadryl cream for bug bites

2 unused tickets from the 4th of July carnival

And I’m sure my wallet and keys are in there somewhere.

How about you? What’s in your purse today?


One comment

  1. Erica Smith July 29, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    Your purse looks fun! I have my wallet, keys, chapstick and lipstick, a couple lotion sample packets for dry skin emergencies, a baby hair brush, two diapers, wipes, my son’s magic wand and velvet case (I’m not kidding), a toy train, a bendy monkey toy, a bib, toy keys, and sunscreen.

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