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The Most Challenging Time of Day to be a Parent

The Most Challenging Time of Day to be a Parent

Last week our Family Room bloggers shared their favorite times of day to be a parent. This week, we’re tackling the flip side! What time of day do you find to be the most challenging when it comes to parenting?

Whether you have a family of night owls who struggle with the morning routine or you’re dealing with some really early risers, we all have a time of day that’s more challenging than others. No matter when it is, you’re not alone! Our bloggers share what they consider the most challenging part of their day as parents.

What is the most challenging time of day with your child?

Toddler temper tantrumsAmy: My least favorite time of the day with my kids is on weekday mornings. My husband heads out to work early so I have full responsibility for the morning routine. There are some days that go smoothly but, more often than not, I’m trying to beat the morning rush – getting the kids dressed, feeding them breakfast, brushing their teeth, brushing their hair, etc. so I can get them off to school and start an hour commute to work.

Allison: Mornings. My daughter and I both aren’t morning people. I don’t like waking up just as much as she doesn’t. I remember when I was younger my own mom would have to come in my room about five times to wake me up for school. It was the most annoying thing and I would have such an attitude about it! The funny thing is, I do the same thing to my daughter now and I know exactly how she feels (sorry, mom!).

Mary: Bedtime! We have a tradition of reading at bedtime, but there is always a fight for who mom will read to. I want to read to both of them but they are at different reading levels and need different support. My son is just learning to read so simple books are best where we take time trying to teach him to read the words. My daughter is an excellent reader and our goal is to just read for 20 minutes and make reading fun and enjoyable. Once we get through that fight, it’s a fight as to who gets tucked in first. All of this can be a challenge when I myself am tired.

Media Mom: Weekday mornings STINK! My kids – my daughter in particular – are not morning people. And my daughter is not quick about anything. So more often than not, school days are filled with morning battles about getting out of bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast and getting out of the house in time.

Heather: When my daughter was a baby I really dreaded 5:00 – 7:00 at night. She would be cranky, hungry, tired…and very needy. Now that my daughter is 9 years old, things have changed. My least favorite time of day is when it’s time to get dressed in the morning. I try really hard to just let things go, but more often than not we end up in some kind of discussion or argument about what is appropriate. I let a lot of crazy outfits out the door, but it is never without some debate about what is weather appropriate, too short or just plain too sloppy. Sigh.


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  1. Pat Taylor April 15, 2015 at 9:40 am

    I’m a grandmom now, but I used to read to our two boys when they were small. I have a suggestion for Mary: try reading to them together from a book a little above both of their reading levels, with you (or Dad) as the reader? They can relax and enjoy the story (or poem), and should be less tense just before sleep time. Their individual practice reading time could be done at a different time. Then let them “take turns” being the first to be tucked in. This might be a good time to introduce them to some of the children’s classics that are too challenging for them to read on their own. They would benefit from hearing the story as well as expanding their exposure to more advanced vocabulary levels.

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