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The Nature Walk

Last weekend, after cajoling both boys into getting haircuts, and a less than fun lunch at a pizza place, resulting in a wardrobe change for Max (why do I always think that going out to eat will be fun?), I made everyone get in the car and told them we were going for a nature walk. I didn’t even tell my husband where we would end up; just turned on Google Maps and off we went.

I had read about a walking trail in a nearby town. It sounded perfect for us…and I needed to be one with nature and clear my head. It turned into a wonderful adventure. The boys chose our trail (the blue one) and followed the blue arrows on the trees throughout. Our peaceful walk was thwarted once by continued complaints about a “sore foot”, but that was quickly solved by the offer of finding a walking stick.

(Photo Credit: Progressive Mom)

We saw birds and floated sticks down a slight waterfall. We ran over little bridges. We got our shoes muddy and our cheeks were flushed from the chilly air — but it was one of the best days we’ve had in a long time.

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