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The Stress of Holiday Expectations

The Stress of Holiday Expectations

I wish that I was oblivious to Martha Stewart – that I never came into contact with her magazine, TV show or cookbooks. Because she creates high holiday expectations that I WANT to be able to reach. The type of holidays I’ve always dreamed of…but can’t achieve myself. Children in matching outfits sitting around a table with a homemade tablecloth and eating soup out of a pumpkin shell…yeah right.

Our Thanksgiving consisted of our 6 month old sleeping through dinner while my toddler devoured corn bread muffins and cranberry sauce (and by sauce I mean the kind with can rings on it, full of high fructose corn syrup but is oh so yummy). All of us had outfits on in matching colors…well, except my husband who missed the dark brown and light blue memo and packed light brown and dark blue clothes. I admit, I did have a slight melt down moment because of that. It didn’t matter though because when getting out of the car at house #2 (we split Thanksgiving between grandparents), our 2 year old stumbled and sat in a pile of dog poop. He spent the rest of Thanksgiving dressed in wind pants and a t-shirt.

For our first Christmas with kids (and a dog), I insisted on making our stockings because that’s what my mom did and plus I really wanted these adorable Christmas stocking, but they were too expensive. Here’s what ours look like…not quite the same:


This year we’ve added another member to our family and I’m struggling to find the time to make him one (because of course, they all have to match!) I do have matching outfits planned for the boys, but I think I’ll leave my husband and me out of it this time. And let’s be honest, the kids usually end up in Christmas pajamas anyway. Also, I’m actually hoping that BOTH of the kids sleep through Christmas dinner so I can actually eat at a reasonable pace and maybe enjoy a glass of wine (or two). Cheers, Martha!


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