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The Truth About Santa Claus


Santa didn’t come to my home when I was little, but he comes to husband’s house, and now that we’re under one roof, I get to appreciate the full majesty of the jolly one.  I got to experience the full power of the myth the other night when my almost 3-year-old daughter was whining about going to bed.  I told her, “You better stop whining because Santa’s watching.”  “Oh. Ok.” she said, and immediately stopped whining and went straight to bed.  I was floored to hear the words come out of my mouth, and even more flabbergasted to see how well it worked.  I’ve now decided the myth is as much for parents as for kids, and I’ll be milking it for all it’s worth.  I plan on never bursting her bubble, largely because of what Santa buys me in good behavior. But, if you’ve ever wondered how long, or not, it’s appropriate to keep the Santa story alive, here is a great blog piece from the editors of the New York Times.

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