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The Work-Life Equation Ep. 23: VP Moms

The Work-Life Equation Ep. 23: VP Moms

It’s easy to look at successful working moms and think they’ve solved the complex equation of making work and life fit together peacefully. And, perhaps they have cracked the code….or, at least found ways to make the coexistence smoother.

We talked to four successful working moms, Jessie, Ilene, Helen, and Christine, who joined us for a roundtable episode of “The Work-Life Equation.” These moms have all achieved the title of “vice president” in their careers here at Bright Horizons, and we wanted insight into how they’ve kept their career trajectories on track as working moms.

Each of their parenting situations vary: one child, multiple children, single mom, mom of a special needs child. None of them have family nearby to help with child care. So, what has it taken? First and foremost, Jessie says, “Organization is huge.

The word “unapologetic” came up a lot, because that’s also been a key factor to their success at home and at work. As Ilene explained, “My kids have a mom who works, and there’s value in that, even if it doesn’t always make them happy.”

There’s also something to be said about working here at Bright Horizons — a company that was just named one of FORTUNE’s 2018 Best Workplaces for Women. All four of these women love their work, and loving their jobs is what creates a solid base on which they can build their work and their personal lives. “I’m happy that [my kids] see that I enjoy my job,” said Helen.

Even with all this (and other) great advice that came from the roundtable, one thing in particular stood out. The concept of “having it all” came up, which prompted Ilene to ask, “What in the world is all?” It’s grounding (and interesting) to hear that these moms, with all their success, and who seem to have it all, feel in some ways that they’re still works in progress. Christine said, “Sometimes we have to be happy with ‘I had a great day at work and I’m doing the best I can at home,’ or vice versa.”

Listen to our VP Moms roundtable and let us know what advice stands out to you!

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