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The Work-Life Equation Ep 24: Working Parent + Two

The Work-Life Equation Ep 24: Working Parent + Two

Everything changes when you add a baby into the mix. Work-life balance, sleep, and priorities all shift, and yet you somehow figure out a way to reallocate your time and make it work. Going from “zero to one” seems like such a big redesign of your life matrix that maybe you think going from “one to two” shouldn’t be nearly as much of a change.

Think again.

“It’s not double the work, it’s quadruple.”

“You thought you didn’t have time before? You REALLY don’t have time when you have two.”

“Before, only one of us was sleep deprived. Now no one sleeps.”

“You have to just not worry about everything because you literally can’t.”

And, albeit humorously, “We’re definitely done.”

That’s some of what I’ve heard from tired parents, including those on our panel for this episode of “The Work-Life Equation.” As they entered the next phases of their journeys as working parents, going from one child to two, the day-to-day craziness got crazier—juggling all the schedules, making multiple lunches and packing multiple bags, managing back-to-back tantrums, breaking up sibling fights, and buckling two (or more) in car seats. But according to one of our panelists, two-time mom Shira, “it’s a good crazy.”

Our three featured working parents in this episode are all in different stages of having a second child: Shira has two children five and under, Evan just had a second baby a month ago, and Erika is pregnant with her second girl.

But in between the talks of chaotic days, managing the family tasks, and working, they describe the incredible and “nothing-can-be-better-than-this” joy in welcoming a second child into their worlds. Can you relate? Take a listen, and let us know your thoughts on working and parenting…times two.

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