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The Work-Life Equation Ep 26: Single Mom Life

The Work-Life Equation Ep 26: Single Mom Life

You wake up one morning and your child is sick. You may discuss with your partner how to tackle the curve ball, e.g. “Who will stay home from work? Who will take the child to the doctor? Who will take the other children to school or child care?” Somehow you solve the puzzle by working as a two-person team. But what happens on those days that you don’t have a teammate and have to figure out these situations by yourself?

Running solo can feel overwhelming at times, but it’s part of everyday life for single parents. Our podcast guests, single moms, Helen and Christine, have lived through those trying days. But even with the challenges, over the years they’ve become proud of their abilities to be self-sufficient, and even prouder to model that independence for their young daughters.

They’ll even tell you that single parenting has its advantages, especially when it comes to making decisions or finding time and space for themselves. And of course, there’s humor in looking back at some of the more difficult days, like when Christine had to create a complex drop-off, pick-up, dinner, and get-home schedule on a day that she had a massive work commitment. Ultimately, though, they’re quick to say that they feel lucky for being at this point, now that their children are older and they’ve found success and stability in their careers.

If you’re a new single mom or a single mom building your career, we’d love to hear about how you’re making it all work. Take a listen and let us know if your journey’s been similar (or different!) – and if you have any advice for other moms navigating single parenting.

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