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Things I Never Thought I’d Say: Part II

Some time ago, Progressive Mom wrote a post about things she thought she’d never hear herself say to her kids. I was laughing at myself for a few doozies I had just this weekend alone, so I thought I’d continue the tradition:

  • Hey, no running in the gym!
  • If you don’t choose the ice cream now, we’re not going swimming.
  • If you don’t (choose one: brush your teeth, get in the shower, put on your pajamas), we’re not reading any books tonight.
  • Yes, you can watch another Phineas and Ferb.
  • If you think I’m bossy, you should see me at work.
  • If you want to plan to marry your brother, I won’t stop you.

And then there’s the one that every strong independent young woman thinks she’ll never utter (until she has kids that is): “I don’t know. Ask Daddy.”

Anyone have any good ones they’ve caught themselves saying?

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