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Things to Do During a Winter Maternity Leave

Things to Do During a Winter Maternity Leave

Keeping the family busy and occupied indoors during the cold, long months of winter can be tough for any parent – a challenge that strikes even the newest of parents. Despite enjoying precious time with a new little one, for new moms and dads on winter maternity or paternity leaves, the days can go by slowly. As a new parent, how do you stay busy while on maternity leave in the winter? Members of The Family Room blog team chime in with their ideas for things to do during a winter maternity leave.

Ideas for Winter Maternity Leave Activities

Get moving. Once you feel up to it, find somewhere inside to get moving. If it’s snowy/rainy, head to the mall for a few laps.You’ll feel better if you leave the house and move your body. It’s pretty easy to learn how to wrap/wear your baby and then you can put your coat on and zip them up inside it for a nice walk outside on those cold winter days. – Emily and Marisa

Be social. Organize a potluck dinner with friends – it can help you feel more connected while while you’re on leave. – Emily

Take a class. Music classes were our favorite and started at 6 weeks! – Marisa 

Get to the movies. The movie theater in my town does a mommy and me movie during the day where babies, of all ages, are welcome. A lot of my mommy friends have gone and love it.  – Aili

Find a support group. This is a great activity in the winter for new parents. Many groups will meet up at each other’s houses or a public area that is appropriate for newborns. Through a parenting group, you can establish friendships with other parents who are experiencing the same things that you are and have a network of peers to lean on and to get support. – Amy

Snuggle. And if you don’t feel up for the social scene, winter is a perfect time to snuggle up with your new child and get in some real bonding time with baby. Maternity leave is far too short. – Amy

Do you have ideas for things to do on a winter maternity leave? Share your thoughts in the comments area below.

After Maternity Leave?

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This article originally appeared in Jan 2015 and has since been updated.

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  1. Renne Jacob May 7, 2015 at 5:40 am

    Every mom on maternity leave needs to read this! I remember being so consumed with counting down the days til I had to leave my newborn and return to work that I couldn’t focus on doing anything. I was so on edge and distracted. Great tips for new moms!

  2. Andrea January 7, 2016 at 11:55 am

    The postpartum phase is one of the most critical point of a mother’s stage especially during winter. What I did during winter is prepare myself, be healthy and make myself some to do stuffs to spen some time during cold days.

  3. Media Mom February 19, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Both of my children were winter babies. I couldn’t agree more with the moms who said to get out and walk. I did that every day, and it was critical — even when I had to walk in the road because sidewalks weren’t shoveled. (A good stroller is super important in snow and ice.)I would walk four miles to the pharmacy and back when I could have easily driven, and that would be my exercise and main activity of the day sometimes. And on those few days when it just wasn’t bearable, we walked in the mall. Also, it was helpful to keep the house clean because friends and family didn’t expect us to venture out, so nearly all came to visit us in our home.
    When I was on leave with baby #2, my daughter was 4 and my husband was working 24/7. The baby had a heart condition, and we avoided your typical crowded kid places, like the children’s museum etc. So on the weekends we spent a lot of time in paint your own pottery places and art workshops.
    Remember — it’s so easy to tote your infant along when they’re not mobile, even if they’re fussy. Meet friends at a restaurant for lunch, shop in an actual store rather than online. Do adult stuff. It will get much harder as soon as they can walk!

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