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Things to Enjoy While Your Kids are Young

Things to Enjoy While Your Kids are Young

When you have young kids, you are constantly reminded of all the things you can no longer do – at least without a babysitter. No more fine dining. No more “hey let’s go see that newly released movie.” No more strolling through shops, taking the time to try on clothes and not worry about how it will look with a side of spit up on the shoulder. No more using the bathroom in private. You know. All that good stuff.

But now that my daughter is approaching age seven and my son is still under three, I have one foot in little kid world and one on its way out. And it’s given me an opportunity to reflect on what’s good about having little kids and what you should take advantage of while they’re still young.

brother and sister hiking

1) Vacation during the off season. Travel with the family in October and early March when you don’t have to worry about pulling your kids out of school to do it. Your destination will be less crowded and it will be lighter on your wallet as well.

2) Enjoy the convenience of diapers. I know that most people can’t wait until their kids are no longer in diapers, but it can often be much more convenient than frequent, urgent potty stops.

3) Sing in the car with abandon – and while you’re at it, reintroduce yourself to the joy of show tunes. Soon enough, your kids won’t let you do it without a heap of harassment.

4) Feel good about how you look. Seem counter-intuitive? Think again.Your 2-year-old will tell you how pretty you look just because you put on a necklace or a skirt. Your 7-year-old will ask you, “Are you really going to wear that to work?”

5) Enjoy how good your kids smell. Soon enough their shoes, and then the rest of them, will no longer smell so sweet.

6) Give and receive lots of hugs and kisses all the time and for no reason. Soon enough you’ll be met with refrains of “Mom, stop embarrassing me.”

Feel free to add to the list!

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