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Tips for Adjusting to the Back-to-School Schedule

Tips for Adjusting to the Back-to-School Schedule

Back-to-school time already? While there are still a few weeks left to enjoy summer traditions, now is the time when many parents start thinking about the transition back into the school year schedule. How can you make the impending daily routine adjustments easier for your child? Members of the Family Room blog team share their best tips for readjusting to the school year schedule.

School Readiness

Back-to-School: Adjusting to the School Year Schedule

Amy: Transitions are hard for my children so preparing for back-to-school time and new schedules are important. Starting a few weeks before school, I try to get my children back in a nightly routine that looks more similar to their school routine. We’re a little more relaxed on bedtimes in the summer so gradually getting that time closer to “school” bedtime is a top priority. We also try not to overschedule the first few weeks of school with activities, playdates, etc. in order to give the kids time to adjust and “blow off steam” if needed.

Allison: Although my mother watches my daughter for the majority of summer, I do have her in camp for the week before school starts. This gives her a chance to get back into a routine. I also limit the amount of activities she does for the first few weeks of school. I’ll let her pick one activity, and maybe add on more as the school year progress. This way we don’t get overloaded with work, school and activities and we find a way to manage and balance it all.

Mary: We get ready throughout the summer. For example, as soon as the school calendar comes out, I create a bunch of appointments and send them to my husband for the days school starts/ends, is closed,  half days, etc. We try to be mindful of managing it all with our family calendar. I buy backpacks/lunch bags early because these sell out fast! And clothes/shoe shopping will happen early too. I do that all online as soon as fall clothes come out so I can have the kids try things on when they are “in the mood” – not when I’m dragging them to the store on a nice sunny day.

Heather: There are so many tips out there, but the two that matter the most in our house have to do with sleep and clothes. My daughter needs her sleep. About a week before school starts, we start moving bed time earlier and trying to get up a little earlier. We also take some time to go through her clothes and put away the summer camp outfits that aren’t a great choice for school. Every year I try to start a routine of choosing an outfit the night before. So far, it hasn’t gone well and we still have the last second struggle of picking an outfit. I’m going to try again this year…maybe it will stick this time.

Media Mom: We typically go on vacation just before the start of school, and when we’re smart about it, we return a couple of days before the first day of school just to get back on a normal sleep schedule. Of course, we often fail and push everyone’s limits. So we try extra hard not to have any commitments the weekend after school starts. We need to recover!

How do you make the transition back into the school year schedule smoother for your own kids? Share your ideas in the comments area below.


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