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#BH5MinFix: Tips for Quick & Easy School Lunches

#BH5MinFix: Tips for Quick & Easy School Lunches

I’ll never forget the photo that a friend, and former co-worker of mine, posted on Instagram. It was a picture of a box of raisins with a hand-written post-it note stuck on top. “I do not [underlined] like raisins,” it read. Her daughter had returned the box of raisins that her mom had packed in her school lunch that day, with, as my friend captioned her photo, “a side of ‘tude.”

My friend certainly isn’t alone. In a recent meeting here in our office, the topic of school lunches came up. A collective sigh filled the room. The parents around the table expressed similar hardships: the need for, not only new ideas for things to pack that will actually get eaten, but also time-saving tips, that would help them, as working parents, expedite this near-daily action item on their to-do lists.

Been there yourself?

School lunch

This week we devoted our #BH5MinFix series (an ongoing resource where you can find and share tips on common parenting struggles like these) to, you guessed it, school lunches.

To help you curb your school lunch stress, here are some minimal-fuss, kid-approved lunch ideas, compiled by us and submitted by you on our social channels:


Amy, via Facebook:Cut fresh fruit and store in containers ahead of time, make savory muffins or egg sandwiches that can be frozen and thawed or pack “breakfast” for lunch with whole grain pancakes, waffles or french toast sticks (also can be bought frozen or made & frozen).”

Money-Saving Mom: This frugal mom gets ahead by making a batch of freezer pb&j sandwiches (which keep for 4-6 weeks). Grab the sandwich bag out of the freezer in the morning, pack it in your child’s lunch box and it’ll be thawed by lunch time.

Sylina Lunches, via Instagram: “Small portions, put food on picks or skewers.” [Editor’s note: if age-appropriate for your child.] “Think finger foods and party foods, where it’s literally one bite per portion.”

Laura Fuentes, creator of Momables: Laura, a working mom of three’s out-of-the-box ideas such as DIY pizzas, make-ahead smoothies, and “cookie dough yogurt”, are creative yet easy to execute.

Real Mom Nutrition: We love this mom’s honest outlook, “Sure, it’s easy to wash a piece of fruit–and ideally, it’s good to avoid waste with reusable food containers,” she said, “But boy, it’s awfully nice to have packaged options on hand for mornings so nutty, you’re lucky if the kids are wearing matching shoes.”

How do you take the stress out of making school lunches?

We also hope you’ll join us for next week’s installment of #BH5MinFix. We’ll announce the topic for the week on Monday on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Check in then to join the conversation and share your best tips!


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