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Tips for Managing Children’s Artwork: Organizing, Storing and Displaying

Tips for Managing Children’s Artwork: Organizing, Storing and Displaying

I keep EVERYTHING my child brings home from school – from scribbles on little scraps of paper, to assembled masterpieces. I can’t bear throwing anything away. The stuff isn’t organized, it’s in various places, drawers, bags and piles around my entire house. Any tips for storage, displaying or organizing all of this art work? How do I decide what I should keep or get rid of?  Allison, Bright Horizons Online Community member

Having a little artist in the family is wonderful, but what do you do when their masterpieces start to take over the refrigerator, kitchen, living room…or your entire house? We asked The Family Room bloggers to share ideas for how they organize, store and display their children’s artwork.

Child making art at Bright Horizons

Tips for Managing Children’s Art Projects

Aili: I am only keeping my favorites and photographing the rest and emailing the picture to an email address I have set up for Cab. Once the volume of art increases, I will then even limit the photos sent.

Ruth: We put most artwork in an under-the-bed storage box. When the box is full we go through the artwork and save what will fit in a smaller container. Great conversations happen during the selection process. It’s also a good way to learn to make decisions in a safe environment.

Jessie: Special pieces are framed in either my bedroom or in my daughter’s room. I also have a wire picture holder, which is a simple wire hanging horizontally from two screws, that I use. There are clips you can use so you can display different pieces of artwork at once. The clips make it easy to change the artwork often. I also keep special ones in her baby book, which is actually a simple three ring binder – I put the papers in a plastic cover sheet to keep them neat and make sure they are dated.

Kate: I use a curtain rod display to hold Liam’s artwork. I shared this and other kids’ art display ideas in a previous post!

Media Mom: I have learned that you have to be willing to get rid of a lot of what they bring home. My one tip, which I try to keep pounding into my husband, is that if you’re going to throw their art away, be sure to get it hidden in the trash!

Emily: Be realistic about what you’ll want when they’re 20 because it won’t be EVERYTHING.

Do you have any tips to add? Share your ideas for managing children’s artwork below or on the Bright Horizons Online Community.

This post was originally published in Sept 2014 and has since been updated.


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  1. Renee April 13, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    For the stuff I do not throw out, I send ours to the grandparents, who all live far away. They seem to love it and it makes me feel like it lives on elsewhere.

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