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7 Toddler Behaviors that I Adore

7 Toddler Behaviors that I Adore

Last week I wrote about toddler behaviors that drive me crazy and now I’m back to share 7 toddler behaviors that I adore. No matter how crazy and ridiculous it gets sometimes, there is so much about the toddler stage that is awesome, amazing, and hysterical.

7 Toddler Behaviors That I Adore:

Toddler boy in a Superman shirtBehavior 1 – The Chatterbox

The explosion of toddler language is simply amazing to witness. I love that Owen not only can communicate his wants and needs to us but also engage in family conversations. Witness this conversation between us upon pick-up at a ski daycare center:

  • Owen: “Mama, you come pick me up. You back from skiing.”
  • Me: “Yes. We are done skiing and can’t wait to spend time with you.”
  • Owen: “Tomorrow, I go ski and you go to daycare.”

It was as if he worked on this strategy all day and couldn’t wait to communicate his plan with us.

Behavior 2 – The Huggie Monster

There is nothing in the world that equals a toddler hug. Just as they put everything into their temper tantrums, toddlers give hugs with a zeal that is unrivaled. There are few things that make me loosen my “sit at the table and eat” rule. When Owen declares “I go hug, mama” as he gets up for the zillionth time, that is always forgiven.

Behavior 3 – The Pretender

“I’m Batman! I’m Superman! I’m a fireman!” is frequently heard around my house these days. Though sometimes this statement accompanies a toddler wielding the vacuum like a fire hose, it’s easy to overlook when you consider the importance of pretend play in child development. And I love that Olivia (age 7) and Owen have found a common ground for playing together.

Behavior 4 – Mr. Smartypants

The toddler years see so much learning and child development. I adore listening to Owen practice his newly acquired skills such as singing the ABC’s and spelling his name (thanks to his toddler teachers for working on these!). I admit that sometimes I forget why we do certain things, such as constantly reading and re-reading the same books over and over. Then, the other day I witnessed Owen reenacting one of his library books with his Little People and toy cars. It hit me how much he is processing and learning about the world.

Behavior 5 – Captain Adventurer

In my previous post, I wrote about “The No’s” behavior as one driving me crazy. Captain Adventurer is its alter-ego. I love how toddlers are willing to try so many new things. From eating lemons to riding his sissy’s scooter in the snow, Owen is always up for exploring his world.

Behavior 6 – The Matthew McConaughey

When not spinning out of control in the Vortex behavior, Owen is the family member who reminds us to slow down and enjoy life. Toddlers have a natural tendency to take their time to discover how something works, how food tastes, or how to eat with a fork. I can’t tell you how often my husband and I sit at the table for way longer than we should while Owen eats, not because we want him to be a member of the “clean plate club” (we don’t) but because he eats slowly. As a working mom who is always rushing from here to there, his laid back “keep on livin'” Matthew McConaughey attitude is a breath of fresh air.

Behavior 7 – The Joker

As much as our toddler home echoes with cries and screams, it is equally filled by laughter. Owen has this unique way of changing the mood in a single act of humor or charming toddler goofiness. Olivia and I will be butting heads over her homework and in Owen waltz with his toe poking out of his footsie pajamas saying “Fix my toe! Fix my toe!” – and the world is fun again.

These are the 7 toddler behaviors that I adore. Are there any that play on your heartstrings?


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