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Valentine’s Day Activities and Ideas for Families

Valentine’s Day Activities and Ideas for Families

Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. My dad was a very busy man as an OB/GYN with work hours that often cut into family time. But Valentine’s Day… he NEVER missed Valentine’s Day. He used to leave each of his girls presents on Valentine’s Day for when we woke up. Whether a handmade heart filled with candy, a giant Hershey kiss, or flowers tucked into the arms of a teddy bear. In fact, he recognized Valentine’s Day long after we went off to college. My dad is a romantic at heart, what can I say? So those years in high school when I wished I had a boyfriend or even when I was single living in an apartment, my dad always made sure I knew there was a man out there who loved me and thought I was special enough to recognize on Valentine’s Day.  It’s one of the many reasons I love him.

Now that I’m a mom, making Valentine’s Day special for my kids is equally important, well not just Valentine’s Day but for several weeks leading up to it. Here are some ideas I’ve tried and/or seen for adorable Valentine’s Day activities and gifts.

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

1. Here are easy instructions for making heart paper origami.

2. I’m sure you’ve all see these cute butterfly valentine’s.  Since lollipops are a no no, what would you replace the lollipop with?  A pencil perhaps with a pompom for a head.

3. These valentine’s bracelets look like a fun project just to do or something that can be turned into an actual Valentine.

4. For those of you with boys, I especially liked the creativity of the Luke Skywalker valentine.  What are some of your favorites?

5. Last year, since we can’t give out food for valentine’s at school, we made these adorable heart crayons.  We had to make 40 all together for both my daughter and son’s classes so it was a lot of crayons but this year I’ve be saving up broken crayons to do the project again.  I did all the chopping of the crayons while they filled the baking cups.  Once melted, the kids put them into plastic bags together and I tied it with a ribbon.  I then printed up a little note to each child on label paper and the kids put them on the bags.  Loved these!

6. My daughter will be getting a Pottery Barn Kids heart locket for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a perfect gift for her because she often has anxiety about my leaving her “line of vision”.  I plan to tell her that with the pictures of her mom, dad and brother inside, we will always be with her wherever she is, even if I’m upstairs and she’s downstairs.  I haven’t found that something special for my son yet, but am open to ideas (gifts are usually less extravagant than the locket but I got it for a great price and it is a good excuse to give something I truly hope will help with her anxiety).

7. This bouncy ball valentine is another cute candy-free gift idea with a free printable label to make it easy to assemble.

8. I saw these adorable salt dough valentines on Pinterest. These could be a great craft to do either with stamps as shown here or by using heart shape cookie cutters.

9. I love these pencil heart cards–cute and easy to make.


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