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Valentine’s Day Craft for Babies

Valentine’s Day Craft for Babies

Despite my past fickle relationship with Pinterest, I’m excited to report on a Pinterest success! Since this is our first Valentine’s Day with Zoe and I love to decorate, I wanted to send the grandparents a special treat this year. I was scanning Pinterest trying to find an easy project to do with a 5 month old and came across a heart made out of footprints. This activity didn’t require a lot of supplies or time, so I thought I would try it out the next morning. I was very pleased with the outcome and recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet Valentine ’s Day gift from your baby. Here’s how we made this craft.

Valentine’s Day Craft for Babies: Footprint Valentine

Supplies Needed:

  • Bowl full of wet paper towels
  • Sponge
  • Washable red finger paint on a paper plate
  • Wrapped canvas boards or paper

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First, while Zoe was playing with her toys, I prepped the table so that I would have everything I needed. Now the first time I attempted a paint activity with Zoe, I held her and stuck her feet in paint and then moved her to poster board. This did not work very well because there was too much paint on her toes and her feet were sliding all over the paper. Also, my arms got tired from holding her and I had no place to put her when we were finished so I could clean her feet! This time I thought her floor chair would be the perfect solution – she could sit up and watch her feet the whole time and I would have two free hands!

I wanted to avoid the “too much paint” debacle so I read a few blog posts on tips and found one that recommended applying the paint to the foot with a sponge, that way you get the perfect amount. I took an old kitchen sponge and dipped it in the paint. I then gently applied it to the bottom of her foot and watched Zoe smile at the sensation. I then brought the canvas board up to her foot and gently placed her foot on the board. Then, before she stared kicking, I pulled the canvas away so we caught a decent footprint. I took the wet paper towels and wiped off her foot. Next, I repeated the steps with the other foot and then poof! Our homemade valentines were complete! The whole activity took less than 15 minutes and Zoe smiled the whole time. I classify this as a Pinterest success! I’m going to share this craft with everyone via the Share the Love campaign on Bright Horizons’ Facebook page.

Are you doing any crafts for Valentine’s Day? Share yours!

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