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Valentine’s Day Recipes for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day Recipes for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day has always been an excuse for me to make special treats for friends and family (who am I kidding, and myself). Last year I made these red velvet cheesecake brownies and they were amazing. Eat-the-whole-pan-yourself amazing. I loved them so much I made “green velvet” ones for St. Patrick’s Day. Not quite as attractive but equally delicious. This year, I’m looking forward to making a few treats for Liam to make the day special. Yes, he will have no memory of it and no appreciation for why he’s getting a special treat, but I’m all about establishing traditions from the start so years from now I can tell him, “we’ve been doing this ever since you were little!” Here are some Valentine’s Day recipes I found that were cute and toddler-appropriate.

Valentine’s Day Treats & Recipe Ideas for Toddlers

1. These sweet-but-not-too-sweet Sweetheart Shortbread cookies seem like a perfect treat for Liam who loves a cookie but hasn’t quite developed the same sweet tooth as his mama yet.

2. It’s not a recipe but I thought these labels for baby food jar valentines were cute.

3. Heart shaped raspberry pancakes seem like they might be hit with everyone in the family for Valentine’s breakfast.

4. I like the idea of mixing up a toddler valentine snack mix with a few sweet special treats in it.

5. These apple sandwiches are so adorable. We haven’t tried peanut butter yet but I’m thinking he’d love it with yogurt in the middle.

6. Liam loves him some strawberries and I would love to send him to the center with something cute so heart shaped fruit seems like a perfect idea.

Seems it might be time to invest in a mini heart shaped cookie cutter!

Looking for more Valentine’s Day treats for kids? Check out this Peek-A-Boo heart cake recipe, this cupid cupcakes recipe and these heart-shaped Valentine’s Day treats.


Cupid Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

Heart-shaped treats for Valentine's Day


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  1. restaurant Fort Lauderdale April 12, 2013 at 5:39 am

    My nephew will just love everything here! They are just so cute. Not only will my nephew love his treats, I bet he’ll also love the looks and might even share one with his sister! Thank you so much for this, I’ll enjoy making it for my adorable nephew!

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