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Welcome to the Mom Club

Welcome to the Mom Club

Today’s post was written by Amy Mongeau, a Bright Horizons employee and first-time mom:

When I last wrote I was just days away from having my first baby…and, well, I’m happy to say that as of 7/7/16 at around one o’clock in the afternoon, I officially joined the proud mama club.

When women say there’s nothing quite like labor, delivery, and finally getting to hold that tiny baby in your arms for the very first time – they are not lying. This entire experience is unlike anything I’ve ever done before (and probably won’t do again for a few years at least!) and is NOT easy. There’s a reason that moms understand each other and truly are sort of a club; because they’ve been through it and know what it’s like. And it’s HARD work being a mom.

Amy enjoying motherhood

I’m a pretty organized person by nature; I like my house clean and tidy, with minimal clutter. I like to do laundry on Sundays and I create grocery lists organized aisle by aisle for my specific store. Rule number one that I’m learning being a mom: learn to accept that you can no longer obsessively do all the same things that you used to do to keep your house perfect or to keep your sheets and towels on the normal cleaning schedule. Nope. You are no longer running the show (at least right now), baby is. Relinquish control (as much as you can) and go with the flow because baby needs to be fed right NOW, or there’s a diaper blow-out, or baby just did something cute and whatever you’re doing gets forgotten because you must pick him up right this second or your heart will explode!

Know what? It’s way better than making sure the produce is at the beginning of the list (always go in the door near the produce). It’s scattered, crazy, a little frantic at times, but also easily the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I get it now. I get the doe-eyed looks that moms give their kids, the same doe-eyed looks my mom gave me. My little buddy can do (almost) no wrong in my eyes. At our first appointment, the pediatrician said he was doing really well. On the car ride home, I triumphantly told my husband, “So the doctor basically said he’s perfect.” My husband laughed and said ‘’Wow, the mom-goggles are already on and it’s been less than two weeks!” Truth. Mom goggles are fully strapped on and will be remain in place for the next 18 to 70 years.

I don’t feel like I can supply any major tips or facts about being a mom just yet, other than the one I already shared. It’s all too new right now and I can’t possibly pretend to know it all (or any of it, really). But I’m learning, and I have a whole new respect for moms everywhere. Going with the flow is not my strong suit by any means (ask literally anyone who knows me), but I’m learning that, for now at least, I have no choice. I am humbled. When I see his little face, with those blue eyes staring up at me, there’s literally nothing else I’d rather do than snuggle with him all day. Meanwhile, I’m ordering takeout again, the laundry pile is growing, and I can’t see the surface of my kitchen table anymore, but, you know what? I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Amy blogger photoHi! I’m Amy. I work for Bright Horizons on our Recruitment Operations team, and I’m a first-time mom to a baby boy. My husband, son (!), and I live with our kitty in a fixer upper house that we’ve (finally) finished fixing up. I enjoy all things comedy, DIY, food, gardening and binge watching TV shows. I’m so excited for the chance to share some of my experiences with you as I start the next chapter of my life as a new mom.



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